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An Integrative + Collaborative Consultant

Reclaim your title as the CEO of your own health with help from Refinery.

Are you tired of feeling dismissed + unheard? As conventional medicine in America clings firmly to outdated beliefs + practices, dissatisfied patients are asking for more from their providers...and rightfully so.


Sarah believes that preventative care + personalized plans are the future of revolutionized healthcare in our country. With tremendous emphasis on gut health, hormone balance, nutrition, lifestyle, environment, including EMF + other environmental hazards, quality of sleep, appropriate light exposure, stress + mitigation of stressors-- Sarah provides a whole-person perspective that is unlike anything you’re used to.

At Refinery, you can expect a plan, a partnership + a promise

to work to uncover the root cause of your nagging symptoms. 

Integrative + Collaborative Care may involve:

o   Specialty Laboratory Testing  

o   Gut Rehabilitation

o   Food Sensitivity Testing

o   Nutrigenomic Testing

o   Sex Hormone Re-balance, including management of estrogen dominant conditions like PMS, PCOS + endometriosis

o   Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

o   Adrenal Hormone Re-balance

o   Immune System Support

o   Mitochondrial Support

o   Thyroid Support

o   Fertility Support

o   Weight Loss Strategy + Support

o   Autoimmunity Support

o   Diabetes Risk Evaluation

o   Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation

o   Vitamin B-12 Injections 

o   IV Hydration

o   Lifestyle + Nutrition Consultation

o   Medical Foods + trusted professional-grade, NON-GMO supplements

o   Continuity of Care: Outside Provider Referrals

You can expect that recommendations will include the most appropriate functional lab testing,

lifestyle + nutritional upgrades, mindset shifts and targeted, necessary, supplemental nutrition support.

what will change if you don't  ?

There's no time or money to waste when you are unwell.

The iRefine program is your ticket to optimal health.

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The iRefine Program

Refinery offers a 6-visit series of visits called 'iRefine Program.'

The iRefine Program is designed to help you achieve real results within a realistic timeframe.

The iRefine Program heavily emphasizes patient education, and the overall goal for is for iRefine clients to

take control of their health and be equipped to make informed decisions about

their health + healthcare going forward. 

A successful iRefine Program requires consistency and a personal commitment to improving your own health. 


The iRefine program requires a commitment of about six months, and consists of the following visits:

iRefine 1: Initial Evaluation 

iRefine 2: Lifestyle + Nutrition Consult

iRefine 3: Functional Testing Report of Findings

iRefine 4: Clinical Check-In #1 

iRefine 5: Clinical Check-In #2

iRefine 6: Clinical Check-In #3


The typical timeline of the iRefine program looks like this:

iRefine 1: Initial Evaluation

iRefine 2: Lifestyle + Nutrition Consult is booked as soon as you are ready.

iRefine 3: Report of Findings takes place about 4 weeks after your Lifestyle + Nutrition Consult.

iRefine 4: Clinical Check-In #1 takes place 4 weeks after Report of Findings.

iRefine 5: Clinical Check-In #2 takes place 4 weeks after Clinical Check-In #1.

iRefine 6: Clinical Check-In #3 takes place 4 weeks after Clinical Check-In #2.

Please see fees page for iRefine Program fee schedule.


Lab testing costs are in addition to the iRefine fees. Tests are expensive but the cost is hundreds of dollars less than other providers' rates. Lab fees are passed along to iRefine clients at provider pricing. This is a tremendous benefit to iRefine clients for years to come. Labs are paid by the iRefine client at the time they are dispensed.


Lab Work at Refinery


Cardiovascular + Diabetes Risk Evaluations
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IV Hydration Therapy


Injectable Vitamin B12

While B-12 can be obtained from a nutrient-dense diet, factors like stress or impaired absorption can lead to B-12 deficiency. From combating brain fog + fatigue to enhancing carbohydrate + fat metabolism, injectable B-12 (in the correct form of B12) offers a variety of benefits.

Be aware that CYANOcobalamin is the type of B12 often found in common vitamins + supplements.

CYANOcobalamin is not naturally occurring, can only be made in a lab and does not support your methylation pathway. Help yourself by saying NO to cyano...



Long-distance consultation available at this time following face-to-faace Initial Evaluation. Please email hello@refinerywellnesstn.com with interest or go ahead and book your Initial Evaluation: www.vagaro.com/refinerywellnesstn

At Refinery, we are able to offer the same testing you have access to at a regular doctor’s office.

In addition to traditional testing, Sarah completed post-graduate training that prepared her to

utilize + interpret sophisticated lab testing from specialty laboratories. You can be sure these specialty tests go above + beyond the standard of care and are not offered in a traditional provider's office.


Refinery offers a variety of insightful specialty tests. Through Refinery, you now have access to the most reliable + comprehensive testing in existence for: nutrigenomics, digestion, hormones, mold and mycotoxins, organic acids, heavy metals, neurotransmitters, nutrients, food sensitivities, oxidative stress, environmental toxins like glyphosate + so much more!


Blood tests can be drawn in-office for your comfort + convenience. You will be very pleased with the Refinery pricing + service, especially when compared to retail / walk-in settings. Service on hold as of 1/2020.

IV hydration therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that delivers fluids, vitamins, minerals + medications directly into the bloodstream while you lounge + rest. Do not let dehydration slow you down.  Quench your body's thirst and fast forward your recovery with a quick + effective IV hydration session at Refinery!