+ fees

Sarah works as a functional medicine consultant in conjunction with your current health care team and is not considered a replacement for your primary care provider.  She requires all iRefine clients to have a primary care provider to cover emergencies, routine care + screening.

iRefine cost breakdown:

Initial Evaluation: $100.00

Lifestyle + Nutrition Consult: $1,500.00

Report of Findings: paid

Clinical Check-In #1 paid

Clinical Check-In #2 paid

Clinical Check-In #3 paid

iRefine total program cost of $1,600.00 is to be
paid in-full upfront. This looks like $100.00 at the Initial Evaluation consult followed by $1,500.00 at the second interaction, Lifestyle + Nutrition Consult.

Consultation Details

Expect to spend 45-60 minutes face-to-face for your Initial Evaluation consult.

$100 consult fee includes time spent before and after your consult for Sarah to review any lab work,

all paperwork and Initial Intake forms.

Clinical Check-In (follow-up) consults usually last ~45 minutes depending on complexity and time to review lab work.

Cancellation Policy

Please be courteous, and provide 48 hours notice for all cancelled appointments. This helps ensure that we can meet the needs of all clients who are waiting to get an appointment. NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. Thank you for your understanding + cooperation.